The One With Creativity, Or A Lack Thereof

There are some days when I have so much creativity bubbling inside of me that I feel like I could shoot wool from my fingertips and instantly crochet it my creative-beam eyes.

Ironically enough, those days I get hardly anything done.

My brain is overloaded with oodles of brilliant ideas, my heart is beating fast from excitement and craft adrenaline and yet my fingers just won’t work. I pick up a crochet hook, and I just can’t make it do what my brain is trying to tell it to do. I sit at the sewing machine and there is so much that I want to do and create and make that two hours go by…and I’m still sitting there with all the inspiration and excitement drained away, staring at my fabric scrap pile instead of the glorious colourful scrap quilt that was meant to take its place.

Have you ever had that happen? When you try to make a beanie and it turns out like… well, not a beanie? You get all excited and throw yourself into a project, without a pattern making it up as you go along, only to realise halfway through that you really have no idea how to translate that wonderful picture in your head into reality. That happens to me a lot. And quite frankly it can be really, really, frustrating!

I know when blogging if you bring a problem up in a post you’re also supposed to provide the answer, but I’m coming off of a ‘I tried, but it just won’t work’ slump and I don’t really have an answer.  My only advice? Try again.

And if that fails? Google it.

And then try again.



2 thoughts on “The One With Creativity, Or A Lack Thereof

  1. We’ve all been there at one time or another. My advise is: Take a deep breath and do what the Walmart cashiers do; focus on one customer at a time (the one in front of you). When I get on overload I try to pick a quick and easy project to work on until my brain catches up. 🙂


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