The Eggcellent Blog Post

By Teayl.

It is heading towards Easter, there is an abundance of ovoid shaped chocolates in the shops and people are getting ready to symbolically celebrate the sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a child I often wondered what chocolate Easter eggs had to do with my family’s yearly celebration Passover. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I discovered that sadly chocolate had nothing to do with it and that the pertinent symbol was the egg itself. A symbol of new beginnings. We celebrate and are reminded that Easter is about a new beginning, when God gave his people a New Covenant.


With that in mind I set out to design a cheerful New Beginnings key chain. Bright, cheerful colours to bring to mind this time of a new covenant between God and His people.

I am currently working on a free pattern for this item to put up on the blog so you can give it a try yourself. It will be in the Tutorial section of the blog. They make great DIY projects, and thoughtful, handmade gifts to give away.

The egg shape is a pretty basic increase and decrease sc stich, the fun part is embroidering the unique individual patterns around the outside. I use pearl 8 cotton crochet thread, a 1.25mm hook, a darning needle and just a pinch of hobby fill.


If however you just cant wait to make your own then you can hop over to our Etsy store and purchase one or more of these Quirky Gifts.



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