The One With Mushrooms, Doors and Hammers

Yes, I know. I am three days late posting this. I actually wrote it Sunday afternoon (because I am turning over a new organised leaf) and all I had to do was upload the photos. Easy as, shouldn’t take too long. Until! My normally well behaved laptop decided that uploading photos was beneath it, and it shan’t do it. It took a great deal of persuasion (and the threatening of hammers) but the photos are up, and here you go. The much delayed, and hopefully much anticipated, post for Monday.

(All the photos were taken from the quilting show. Unfortunately none of them are mine 😦 )

Mushrooms! Who doesn’t love mushrooms? Except Munchkin 3. But that’s alright, we love him anyway.



Last week there was a ‘Quilting as an Artform’ show in the city. The idea was quite intriguing, using quilting as art. I never really thought of it that way, I suppose because with quilting you follow a pattern, or even if you are making up your own it still needs to be precise. Art to me is feeling the inspiration and slapping paint on a canvas to express that…free flowing and not being constrained with remembering to add a 1/4 inch border to the fabric (which, incidentally, I have trouble with). 

So thoroughly intrigued,  I gathered up the Lovely Lass that I had arranged to go in with and we headed off on our outing bright and early, full of happiness and loud music. And promptly got stopped by traffic.

We c.r.a.w.l.e.d  a.l.o.n.g…

So the trip that was supposed to take half an hour ended up taking just over an hour, but we remained enthusiastic! By the time we had driven in and out of three parking lots our enthusiasm was slightly dimmed, but still flickering valiantly nonetheless.

Eventually our optimism was paid off! We found a place to park, right under the building where the show was taking place. Piling out of the car with joy at long last being free from our metal cage (Sorry Volny, you are an excellent and noble car, but our acquaintance that morning had been rather long) we rushed up the elevator to go see these creative quilts.


I love the way she uses the batik fabric to create the picture. And the colours! Don’t they just make you want to eat them?


And creative they were!

This quilt by Tiiu Stojanovic looks so, so… precise. To have gotten all those points lined up so perfectly would have taken so much patience, I am quite in awe.
I have no idea if these were all done by the same person, or if doors were a theme across many quilters, but I love them! (Particularly the coffee one)

There were many, many more, but despite the lovely quilts to see and the lure of one of the quilters coming by a bit later to answer questions, we  ended up staying only  just over half an hour. I had a niggling thought at the back of my mind about the parking and enjoying quilting is quite hard when fully two thirds of your brain is wondering about what fees are awaiting. Figuring to be better safe than sorry we headed back to loyal Volny. Good thing that we did, because as it was we had to pay $15 for parking!! $15 for 30 minutes! Does that not seem somewhat… excessive to anyone else? It was over a week ago and I’m still sore about it!

But a Cherry Ripe Iced Chocolate drink made it all better and soon the Lovely Lass and I were happy as pigs in mud sitting with hooks and wool in hand in the middle of a café in the city. It’s the simple things in life that bring happiness 🙂


A Quilt Doesn't Have To Be Perfect
Truer words have never been spoken…





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