The One With Matrimony And A Procrastination Scarf

Munchkin 1 was married on Saturday.

Wedding Walk
Introducing the new Mr & Mrs Munchkin!

And it’s a slightly odd feeling. There are still 9 people in the house… yet at times it seems rather empty (particularly when it comes time for her to do the dishes). As a wedding present, I am sewing her and Husband of Munchkin – hereafter call HoM – a wedding quilt. I am totally in love with the colours, it’s going to look amazing!!!


There is a glitch.

If I finish the quilt, that means that it’s real and Munchkin 1 is gone. So. As I have this wonderful talent of ignoring the things I just don’t want to deal until they somehow disappear, I haven’t done any quilting for weeks. Sometimes I get a little tingle in my fingers and I think, I would quite like to sew something, then I remember that before I can start anything else I need to finish the wedding quilt. The urge passes me in a flash.

On the bright side, I have got a lot of crocheting done! I even branched out and knitted something. I know, crazy right?

Stripey Scarf
Yes, I am slightly showing off my blue-tips nails. They have lasted four days, a record for me!

My P-I-C sent me the pattern she wrote for this scarf and I was testing it for her. I was only going to do a few rows, but kinda got on a roll and before I knew it I had used up my ball of wool and was done!

I actually didn’t mind doing a bit of knitting (the needles cheer triumphantly) but I much prefer crocheting (the hooks look smugly over at the crestfallen needles). #crochetlover


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