The Wanderer Bracelet Journey | Part 2 | Fan Lace

This is the second installment of the wanderer bracelet journey, were in I share some of my free-form crochet tips and tricks. This weeks blog focuses on the beginnings of that lacy ruffle explosion at the edge of the bracelet. I will cover the crochet stitch known as Fan Lace, explain how to crochet my version of it and how to attach it to the Crocodile Scales crochet lace.

pink green wanderer

For info on where to get Wanderer Bracelets click here.

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches together
dc – double crochet
st – stitch
picot – chain 3, sc stitch in first chain.

– 1.25mm hook
– 6 different colours of 2ply crochet thread ( I use Pearl 8 Anchor thread )

Part 2 | Bracelet Frills | Fan Lace

Click here to see Part 1, crocodile scales.


1.) Using a new colour thread, work fan lace pattern in foundation chain length of crocodile scale pattern so that the lace sits behind scales. Hold crocodile scales wrong side up ( pictures display wrong way around ).

Fasten thread and sc in back loop of first chain st, * ch 5, skip 3 st, sc in 4th ch*. Repeat ** till last loop. Ch 2, dc in last st ( ending in middle of last loop ). TURN.


2.) Crocodile Scales should be right side up now. ( I will redo the pictures at some point. ) *Ch 5, sc in middle of 2nd loop of previous row, then ( 8 x dc ) in 3rd loop, sc in 4th loop.* Repeat ** to last loop. Ch 2, dc in middle of last loop. TURN.


3.) Crocodile Scales should be wrong side up. *Ch and dc in 8 previous dc, ch, sc in middle of loop*. Repeat ** until end and fasten off. TURN.


4.) Crocodile Scales should be right side up now. Fasten thread at bottom of first loop by slip st in first sc, sc 3 up side of first loop, picot, sc 3 up side of next loop, picot, * ( sc 2, picot ) x8, sc 2 *. Repeat ** until end of last fan. Picot, sc 3 down side of previous rows loop, picot, sc 3, fasten off in bottom row sc. FINISHED


You should have a fan lace edge that hangs behind the crocodile scales.

I will be posting part 3 of the wanderer bracelet next week. In the meantime head over to our Etsy store for more info on freestyle crochet, bracelets and our other specialty items.


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