The One With Completion

Look what I did!


I finished a birthday quilt, and it’s still two months until her actual birthday!! ‘Well done, bravo!’ you might be thinking. ‘So organised!’

Confession time.

Yes, it’s two months until her birthday, but this quilt was actually for last year. So I’m ten months late.


I don’t think I’m winning the Best Sister Ever Award any time soon.


This might win me a few points though, because Munchkin 5 actually designed the pattern herself, and asked me to make it up for her. She’s​ a good little designer, don’tcha think?

For some reason I absolutely loved doing this binding. The contrast between the purple and the green, and the way the green complimented the backing… it just spoke to me…

So it gets a picture all of it’s very own 🙂


Now I just need to get her a present for this year. I think I might buy it. She night actually get it on her birthday if I do 😏


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