The One With You-ness

Ever heard the saying ‘You Do You’? Out of the feel good sayings out there, I’ve got admit that is one is one of my favourites. So much so, I made a little embroidery thingy of it. Got so excited, showed everyone kinda expecting them to go ‘that’s amazing!! So true!’

Their real reactions?

My oh-so-professional template.

Vacant blinks.

You could almost hear the crickets chirping.

They would just look at me like ‘yep.’ And I would look at them and go ‘You know! You do…YOU!’ complete with arms flailing to fully bring my point across. Unfortunately not many people speak Arm, so I shall endeavour to translate from Arm speak to actual words.

Almost finished
Almost finished! And yes, I realise that I made a mistake in tracing around the hoop. In pen. Yes, that is me being me 🙂

This little saying of only three words tells me that it’s alright. Sooo many of my personality quirks I kind of squash down a bit, not truly hiding them but not really showing them off either. Like my love of purple lipstick. And those awesome earrings that I never wear because I worry that I’ll just look like a strange girl with purple lipstick and weird earrings.

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? I fully admit it! I stress over the strangest things. Maybe you’re one of those amazing people who absolutely rock blue streaked hair and who only wears steampunk and looks incredible while doing so and you have no idea what I’m rabbiting on about. Or maybe you have no problem stating your opinion even when it differs from everyone around you and you’re thinking ‘what does it matter what they think?’

You Do You

Yeah, it matters to me. It probably shouldn’t… but it does. I need those three words telling that my quirks are alright. That feeling overwhelmed by too many people isn’t strange. That if my favourite song comes on that I can just start dancing. That I can wear blue and red at the same time and that my peacock ring is, quite frankly, awesome.

There. My Arm speak is translated, and now you can rest easy that you are a little more fluent in Arm. Next time someone attempts to speak to you in Arm you can look at them and nod wisely, pat them on the shoulder and say, ‘Don’t worry dear. You do you.’



8 thoughts on “The One With You-ness

    1. Unfortunately, Arm is a little too subjective to learn from an app. It needs intensive one-on-one training to become fluent with each individual persons dialect, though some motions are universal. Keep it up, soon you will be speaking and talking Arm with the best of them! 😉

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  1. I can so relate to what you are saying here! Thank you so much for sharing ☺ oh, and I love the colours you chose for the saying!


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