The One With Excitement… And Blood

I have excellent news!

But before I get ahead of myself, I must start at the beginning.

It was a ordinary Thurday evening  last week and I was sitting at my normal spot at the kitchen table with my sewing stuff spread around in somewhat organised chaosPillow cases. My phone made a ding noise. Ever so casually I glanced at it, only to realise that someone had sent me a message via Etsy. My curiosity aroused I proceeded to open the message and read it five times over as my brain tried to take in what it was that I was reading.


When I got it, I may have slightly freaked out. I may have ended up on the kitchen floor, weakly attempting to grasp Mother of Munchkin’s leg because that was all I could reach.

That may have happened but I am neither comfirming nor denying it.

What I shall tell you is this…. Knot What It Seams will be exhibiting at the Every Woman Expo!!! Someone found us on Etsy, and actually came to us to see if we were interested in joining!!!! It’s this weekend!!!! If I could find a panicked face emoji, I would put it right here. Because my epic excitement is ever so slightly tinged with panic at the thought of the 11,000 people that are coming to the expo. My inner introvert is hyperventilating.

Laugh Embroidery
Munchkin 1 made a card for me with all the laugh words on it, I couldn’t resit doing an embroidery of it!

Internal crisis aside, I am super buzzed and have been sewing like mad, as you may expect. I have been sewing so much that my fingers started bleeding.


Forget about getting hurt at parkour class, sewing is fraught with danger!




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