The One With A Car Named Volny

It’s over!!!

The Every Woman Expo is finished, and my poor feet are so thankful! It was a pretty full on three and a half days with lots of standing and talking to people, which I have to admit that I’m not that good at. But all in all we did pretty well, we even have some custom orders to work on! Which is super exciting 🙂

So yesterday my P-I-C, her sister and I went fabric shopping for said custom order. We hopped into my valiant steed, Volny, (yes, the car is called Volny. You may blame Munchkin 1 for that) and started off on our journey of 50 minutes to Maxine’s Shed. We spent a glorious hour there, chatting with Maxine and rummaging through fabric stacks before departing. Stopped for a bit of lunch and headed back home. Got about half way home and I get a phone call. From Maxine. Saying we left our bag of fabric behind.

How could we have left the fabric behind?! It was the whole reason for the trip!!

After executing a prompt and utterly safe about-face we made our way to the shed… and then all the way back home again. And while that would normally be no skin off my nose, I’m still recovering from the weekend and so I desperately needed coffee to get me through the rest of the day. And that is a really long-winded excuse as to why there are no photos in this post. I am sorry. I shall do better next week 😦


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