The One With The Uplifting Of Feet

Ha, I love the title! 😀

Today’s post is about… can you guess? Footstools!

Well, one at least.

Made by yours truly, so yes, I am going to write an entire post about it. That being said it’s going to be a very short post 😉

So without further ado (because I know that you’re just as excited as me)…. let me introduce…..

Foot stool
Behold! A foot stool!

Well, a footstool. It’s kinda hard to make that seem impressive. If I said that it took hours and hours, nearly a month to make would that make it more so? Because seriously, that thing took me forever.

And that’s my post for the week! Hope you all have an fantastic week, filled with crafty wonders and oodles of chocolate xo



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