The One Where I Obsess About Things Part 1

Moment of honesty here. When I love something, I don’t just love it. I LOVit. I obsess over it. I think about everything that I can make with it. I research for hours about the best deals for buying it, excitedly imagining all the crochet I’d be doing with it. I lay there at 2am wiggling around like a beached whale because I’m so excited about making something that I can’t sleep. I even created a blog where I can rant about it and I can’t see peoples eyes glazing over (even though they probably are while reading).

So I decided to do a series on things I obsess about! And it had to be a series and not just a post because… well… I obsess about a lot of things. Which is a new discovery for me, found out when I sat down to write this post and realised had I had trouble narrowing it down to just a few items. Maybe I need to revaluate a few things…

But anyway! Moving on!

Obsession #1 –  Wool.

From the outside, a simple chest of drawers…. And yes, that is a unicorn perched on top

Lots and lots of wool.

Pink wool, blue wool, baby wool, solid colour wool, varigated wool, acrylic wool, wool wool, baby wool, chunky wool, skinny wool, fluffy wool…

I think you get the idea 🙂

Wool Drawer
I even gave up clothes space!

I have several hiding places around the house where I stash my beloved wool. There is no way that I could have a wool problem if there are only a few balls in each stash spot.

Hush now. That is perfectly sound logic.

What it it?
A strange blanket-covered lump sitting on my spare bed…

Now, I don’t think that I have too much wool. After all, I dream of crocheting. Sometimes I wake up thinking that I really made that blanket, or elephant, or pair of slippers, only to realise it was a dream and that I in fact had not made it. And that makes me sad 😦

Which, ahem. Makes me sound slightly odd. Apologies. All I can say is… well, nothing really… I am kinda odd.

But I have amazing wool!!! Booyeah!!

Another stash
And you guessed it. Yet more wool 🙂



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