The One Where It Was On Time

Last week I did something that really shocked me completely. It was totally out of character, and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

I made a birthday present and it was on time.

Did anyone else just feel the earth shake beneath their feet? Because that is serious business happening right there. I might need a minute or two to lay down and let this odd feeling of on time-ness pass…

I’m back! Actually just needed to grab a coffee 😉 Any ho, the occasion was Munchkin 6’s birthday, the item was a sleeping bag for her doll and this here will be a super quick tutorial so you too can whip up a last minute, but still on time, birthday present for a little girl in your life.



Fabric- how much you need is dependant on how big the doll is. I used up some leftover fabric, but if you were buying some you should grab around 1/2 a metre to make sure you have plenty

Lining of some sort – I used some leftover mink blanket from backing a quilt, but polar fleece works just as well

Tape measure



Measure across the doll at the widest point, holding the hands down if you need to and add a couple of inches, lets just call it 14″. Write it down! Unless you have a brain like a steel trap (which I don’t) the numbers will spin around and swap with each other until you end up having to measure things three times because it just. doesn’t. make. sense.

Just saying.

Any ho, after writing that down, measure from the top of the head to the feet, again adding a couple of inches (this one shall be 23″). Then measure from the bottom of the chin to the feet, again with the two inch (this one’s name is Bernidette, and she is 16″).

(Please don’t take my measurements as the real deal! You must measure your own doll!)

Using your written down measurements, cut out the biggest piece first, which is the base of the sleeping bag (14″ by 23″). Cut out some lining the same size.

The base, and the top piece

For the top of the bag, cut out the smaller size (14″ by 16″). When you cut out the matching lining, make it an inch shorter than the fabric (14″ by 15″).

The Ruler
Cut the lining one inch shorter than the fabric

Turn over a 1/4 inch seam of the top fabric and press. Lay the fabric on top of the lining, making sure that three sides line up nicely. Fold the overhang over the lining, pin in place and sew down neatly. I wasn’t in the mood for sewing on binding, so this is the slight cheats version, but it works just as well.

Next step! Place your base fabric face down, then lay the lining on it face up. Position the top piece (which already has the lining joined) on top with the lining facing each other, with the bottom edges in line. Pin in place all the way around.

Now you actually will need some binding. Sew on the binding  in whatever works best for you.  And there you have it! Quick and easy and on time.

Munchkin 6
I think she likes it 😉




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