The Wanderer Bracelet Journey | Part 3 | Diamond Mesh Frills

This is the third installment of the wanderer bracelet journey, were in I share some of my free-form crochet tips and tricks.


It has been a busy couple of weeks but, here it is. This weeks blog focuses on enhancing and building up complexity of that lacy ruffle explosion at the edge of the bracelet. I will cover the crochet stitch known as Diamond Mesh Stitch, explain how to crochet my version of it and how to attach it to the bottom of the Crocodile Scales and on top of the Fan Lace.

For info on where to get Wanderer Bracelets click here.

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches together
dc – double crochet
st – stitch
picot – chain 3, sc stitch in first chain.

– 1.25mm hook
– 6 different colours of 2ply crochet thread ( I use Pearl 8 Anchor thread )

Part 3 | Bracelet Frills | Diamond Mesh

This next section is small, easy and takes two new colours of thread. The style is fairly organic, there is basically no such thing as a mistake. I only took photos of the finished mesh for this stage.

When I crochet this part I get creative, deliberately make holes, double stitches and puckered knots. I find it adds to the effect. For you guys I will just give the basics though.

Click here to see Part 1, Crocodile Scales, Part 2, Fan Lace.


1.) Using a new colour thread (brown in my case), fasten to bottom of crocodile scales about 5 cm from bracelet edge. so that the lace sits under scales but, in front of lace fan. I fold the fan lace behind to keep it out of my way.

Fasten thread and sc in back loop of chain st (if there is already a fan lace stitch in there either stitch into a ch beside it or double up), * ch 3, skip 1 st, sc in next ch*. Repeat ** till you have 12 little loops. For last loop Ch 1, skip 1 st, dc in next st (Your hook should now be in the middle of last loop). TURN.

2.) Working stitches into tops of previous rows loops. *ch 3, sc in next top of next loop*. Repeat ** till you have 11 little loops. For last loop ch 1, dc in top of last loop (Your hook should again be in the middle of last loop). TURN.

3.) Repeat previous row for appropriate number of loops but, securely fasten off last st.


4.) Get next colour thread (Blue in my case). Fasten to bottom of crocodile scales 2 st away from start of brown diamond mesh. Ch 3, sc in side of mesh loops until you reach the top of a 3rd row loop. Repeat previous row for appropriate number of loops. When you reach the other edge *Ch 3, sc *in side of mesh loops to the base. Ch 1, skip 1 along bottom of crocodile scales, dc in next ch. TURN.

5.) Repeat step 3.) Weave in the tail ends. FINISHED.

You should have a random bit of lacy mesh, artistically growing off your bracelet.

I encourage everyone to experiment with the mesh, make it yours, crochet bigger with larger loops, looser in places, crochet 2 loops in a single loop space at intervals for an extra frilly effect. Most of all remember to enjoy yourself, that is what free-form crochet is for.

I will be posting part 4 of the wanderer bracelet in a couple of weeks. In the meantime head over to our Etsy store for more info on freestyle crochet, bracelets and our other specialty items.



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