The One Where Great Fun Was Had

Last week, my Partner-In-Craft, a friend who graciously offered to model for us and myself braved the possibly of rain and a cold wind (oh, the things we suffer for our craft!) and headed outside to take photos for updating the Etsy store.Pot mitt tree


Now, we are serious, responsible adults who maturely recognise the fact that the photos we use on Etsy has a big impact on our branding and sales and should be imbued with the utmost importance. So with gravity and minute attention to detail… we had a lot of fun.





Tea anyone?


There were pot mitt ninja wars, draping over the backs of lounges, making like pot mitt trees, accessorising with key chains, sipping tea ever so delicately from tiny tea cups, wrestling crochet teddies from Munchkin 8…






Key chain earrings

I don’t think we can pull off refined and serious. We might need to change our branding to ‘And Fun Was Had By All!’

Yeah, that sounds more like us 😉




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