Fruit Salad

Taking a break from writing about the wanderer bracelet journey I decided to crochet a series of small key chain items. It began with a single slice of fruit and pretty soon there was a whole fruit salad.



I started with watermelon slice, crocheting a pink circle, a light pink ring around it and a green edge for the rind. Filled with a pinch of hobby-fill. Black stitches for the seeds.


Using a variegated yellow thread I crochet length ways along the banana, through back loops to achieve a ridged surface to the banana. Brown thread on the ends of the banana.


I used the same circle method as with the watermelon. Orange thread in rings with darker orange edge and rind. I stitched segments over the top in lighter orange thread.


The blueberries were smaller crocheted spheres with four picots clustered at the ends. A slip stitched chain creates the stalk that links the berries.


Again, I used the same circle base but, with green this time. Brown thread for the kiwi skin, black for the seeds and a pale green star stitched in the center of the circle.


These are all going up in the Etsy shop. I might add to them with some cherries and raspberries.




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