The One, Dear Reader, Where I Am Languishing

My plans got completely and totally derailed last night.

I had the post for today already sorted out, I knew what I was writing and what photos I needed to take (it was a pattern for stash busting crochet cushion covers, by the way) when the most terrible, awful thing happened. I can barely speak of it, but I shall attempt to rally myself enough to inform you, dear reader, of my trouble *languishes on the lounge and waves a handkerchief weakly in the air.

I had spent hours, simply hours dear reader! trying out a new amigurumi puzzle ball elephant pattern. And yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds. There are three parts to the elephant,  and you kinda put them together… I’ll just show you.


Isn’t it so cute?! If you like crochet patterns that have a bit of a challenge to them without making you feel like you’ve been thrown in the wringer by just looking at the pattern, I heartily recommend Look At What I Made. She has several free patterns on her site, including a ark-full of simply adorable animals. The pattern for this elephant came from a book she wrote, Amamani Puzzle Balls, that is full of cuteness and challenge, and I should really stop fangirling now and get on with my tale of woe.


So after hours of crocheting, getting the hang of the pattern (which is actually quite easy once you get used to it) and excitedly imaging how awesome it will be to put it all together and play with it for a while… I ran out of thread.


Dear reader, can you understand my anguish now? So close to the finish, yet cruelly denied my reward by the mere chance of a length of yarn. I am simply overcome, and do not know how I can continue forwards from this dark moment. Sympathise with me, dear reader, over my misfortune which is very great indeed.

Console me, dear reader, and let me know that there is a bright day ahead, full of hope and…. I think it’s time I cut back on watching Pride and Prejudice. It’s starting to affect me in strange ways.

I suppose I could just run to the shop and get more thread. Once I get up from languishing on the lounge 😉


6 thoughts on “The One, Dear Reader, Where I Am Languishing

    1. Yarn is almost diabolical like that. In the beginning its telling you that ‘sure, there’s enough of me to go around’, and then when you’re nearly finished it goes ‘BOOYAH! Just joking! Here’s my end.’
      Yarn is just not to be trusted.

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      1. I literally have sat on the lounge for the last 2 minutes laughing over this comment. John can come see you if I start quoting this too much.



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