The One Where I Ruminate On The Mysteries Of Time

Isn’t time a funny thing?

One of my jobs is part time, so I often have an entire morning stretching in front of me before I have to trundle off to work. A whole 4 hours to do with what I wish. Sometimes I make good use of the time, sometimes all I manage to do is make a coffee. That’s all. A coffee.

And sometimes I don’t even manage to finish it.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIME?!? It’s not like I was doing nothing, I was definitely doing… stuff. I look back over the morning and cannot remember a single thing that I did apart from the making of coffee.

Something else that I do is mentally assign periods of time to a job. Like, Wednesday morning is for the washing and ironing. BUT, I will forget that that’s what I’m going to do, and so when something else comes up I will tell myself that I will get to it on, you guessed it, Wednesday morning. So Wednesday morning rocks up and I’m faced with several things that are supposed to get done. And what does get done? Over whelmed by the multitude of items in need of my attention I make a coffee. And crochet something. Don’t get much on my list done, but man, I do a lot of crocheting!

Elephant Puzzle Ball
It’s done and dusted!

In case you were wondering what had happened to my poor, unfinishedΒ elephant, I finished it! Combined the last little bit of rainbow thread with some purple (and I made sure that I had oodles of purple before starting) and it turned out all right I reckon. I finished it on Tuesday morning, instead of writing last weeks blog post πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The One Where I Ruminate On The Mysteries Of Time

  1. I can so relate. That’s why I make lists-but a year after retirement still think I need to get so many things done, forgetting I can do it tomorrow. So Silly.The other habit I can’t seem to change is realizing I can sew instead of getting my chores done first. … I think your elephant is adorable! mary in Az


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