The One Where I Obsess About Things Part 2

There is this ball of yarn that has been teasing me for months.

It’d been sitting there at the craft shop pretending to be all innocent whilst beguiling me with it’s pretty colours. But be proud of me, dear reader, because I resisted the urge to get it until I had a definite idea of what I wanted to do with it. Not a vague ‘I suppose I could do this…’ but a ‘This is the whole reason that this ball was created! It is for this purpose!!!’

And the purpose is?

Bath scrubbies! The yarn is 100% cotton and thus is suitable for making things like face washers and hot pads because it dries out nicely and doesn’t melt when held to a hot surface. Which is kinda handy for a hot pad.

Bath Scrubbie

But here is where my tendency to obsess comes in. I found this lovely pattern for star-shaped hot pads. My cotton was a bit thinner than what they said to use so mine turned out a bit smaller, the perfect size for a face washer! In many colours! And variations! Because why stop at one when you can make ten!!!

Bath scrubbies
The perfect size for a face washer

They were really fun and simple to make and lets just say that I made a few of them. With plans to make more. I literally laid in bed awake just thinking about what colours I could do next. Yeah.

These are not up on Etsy yet, because lets be real, why would I do something on time when I can procrastinate about it? 😉 But my Partner-In-Craft has some up, go check them out.

Have a wonderful week, dear readers!


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