The One Where Great Things Happen

Somehow this blog has turned into a fortnightly thing, and it wasn’t meant to be! Before you scoff and roll your eyes at my epic procrastination skills, let me assure you that that is not the case this time. I have genuinely been busy, but before I tell you what I’ve been doing, let me tell you a story…

Inside the Whitford City Shopping Centre there is a little shop. Inside this little, unassuming shop there heads a treasure trove for quirky people. There are all kinds of handmade items, from clothes and jewellery to artwork and soaps and now… crochet and patchwork animals from yours truly!


That’s my rhino in the front window of a shop!

That’s my Partner-In-Craft’s bracelets on the front table!!

And that’s a shelf with our keychains and teddies!!!

Am I forgiven now for my sad negelate of my dear readers? I have been excitedly getting ready for the shop, as well as helping cook for 120 people for three days. And next week we’re cooking for 220. Not a lot of sewing or blogging time in that, I’m afraid 🙁

Though I hate to say it, I shall see you all in two weeks. May you have a glorious, relaxing (I promise not to be too jealous!) week.


One thought on “The One Where Great Things Happen

  1. Oh My! I don’t care if your jealous of my week or not – I’M jealous that you now have a shop shelf!! Good on you! Well done and keep up the good work (even if it means a fortnightly blog post) 🙂


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