The One Where I Felt Brilliant… Until I Didn’t

Christmas is coming!!!!

To be honest, the Munchkin family doesn’t really do Christmas. We do more of a big New Year’s thing, and have a pretty quiet Christmas. But… seeing as how I just got given some absolutely edible Christmas fabric, I feel that some Christmas sewing is in my future 😉

While I was pondering on the correct usage of my resplendent fabric I had a thought. Personally, I wouldn’t want a quilt made out of holiday cheer fabric.

A: it’s just plain too hot. It’s the middle of summer folks!

B: I would only have it out during the holiday season. So for like only two months of the year. The hottest two months (see point A).

After further contemplation I hit upon what I think is a marvellous idea! (And now that it comes to writing my incredible idea… it doesn’t seem so incredible. So annoying when that happens) So my maybe-not-so-marvellous idea is this- table runners, cup coasters, placemats, hot pads… Things that you can bring out to use for Christmas that doesn’t involve being smothered under layers of fabric, and then you can pack them away until next year.

So what do you think of my idea? Brilliant? Or a little less than inspired?


3 thoughts on “The One Where I Felt Brilliant… Until I Didn’t

  1. Wuny, you are totally inspiring to us, every… single… day…!
    Maybe it’s time for Dad-of-Munchkins to enter the foray – and discover to the dear readers a bit more about our most favorite scribe!
    Jes saying!
    Stay posted…


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