Dyeing to tell you a Yarn

Busy making as much as I can for Etsy Made Local. I have been experimenting with natural dyes on cotton yarn. This is a batch of 100% cotton yarn dyed using natural pigment extracted from black beans.

I first boiled the un-dyed yarn for 45 mins in a water and alum (aluminum potassium sulfate) bath. This boiling processes bonds the dye fixative to the yarn.




The night before, I soaked 100g of black beans in 300g of filtered water and let it soak for 8 hours.


The purple/brown water left behind after I strained out the beans is the dye.



I poured an amount of the bean dye into 5 jars. I wanted an omber effect in the colour of the dye, so I changed the acidity of the bean dye, putting vinegar in some jars and bicarb soda in others.22814422_1675286872515454_9216509307314093922_n

I tyed the yarn in hanks and put a length in each jar and placed the jars out in the sun for 2 days. This slow dyeing method is called solar dyeing.


I quite liked the result, it is a green/blue/indigo/grey storm of colours. I will probably make this experiment an item for sale in the etsy shop.



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