The One Where It Hasn’t Quite Sunk In

News time!

First of all we have a market this weekend, over at Mundaring. If you’re in the area, come and say hi, and see the Christmas items that I actually finished on time! I prevailed over procrastination. So proud 😊

Second – is that in about a week this blog will have a temporary change from crafting ramblings to travel highlights. That’s right, we’re going on holiday!!! To beautiful New Zealand, where we are going to road trip our way from the top of the North Island to along the bottom of the South Island, stoping routinely for horse riding, flying foxing, obstacle coursing (30m up in the air!! Can’t wait😁) and, of course, going from fabric shop to fabric shop. And all the highlights shall be displayed here, for your viewing pleasure.

It doesn’t feel real yet. In 7 days and 20 hours I’m going to be on a plane headed to another country. A very close country, but still another country.

Yeah… it hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m excited, but in a really abstract kind of way. I’m expecting in the next day or so to go ‘Oh my giddy aunt, I’m going on a plane!!!’ We’re going for four weeks, so I really should think about packing and getting organised.

Maybe tomorrow.

For today, I made Mother Of Munchkins worry the other day and for penace, she required a table runner. It’s nearly finished, just have to put all the layers together. The catch is that it had to be done by the time I leave for NZ. Better get cracking 😉


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