The One Where The Heat Is Waving

We’re here! In the Land Of The Long White Cloud, otherwise known as New Zealand. Haven’t actually seen many clouds actually because its the middle of a heat wave here. The temperature got to…. brace yourself…. 30 degrees. I kid you not. Aussie girl here, coming from a place where the news don’t comment on the heat unless it’s 40-45 degrees. Whenever we went outside we noticed that it was a bit warm out, but to our minds nowhere near a heat wave. We’re trying not to laugh at them too much, because when it get cold we’ll be shivering in our ugg boots and they’ll be like, ‘come on guys, it’s not that bad!’ 

Anyway, on to the fun stuff. The scenery here is amazing, take your breath away and leave you standing like a stunned mullet amazing. I’ve tried taking a few photos (alright, more than a few) but it just doesn’t show the size, or the colours, or the wowness. There was one place where I was trying desparately to take photo that was even halfway to what it was like seeing it in person, but I think I failed. We were coming down the coast of the North Island headed to New Plymouth. There was deep blue ocean on one side and vibrant green hills on the other when we go around a corner and we can see over the ocean a snow capped mountain. Cue stopping suddenly in a completely safe and timely manner and wheeling into convenient parking area where we could stare in awe without being in danger of crashing. This mountain looked like it was coming out of the ocean, it was incredible. The reality? We were on one side of the bay and the mountain was on the other only it was so far away that you couldn’t see the land, just haze and snowy mountain. The picture really doesn’t do it justice šŸ™

Other than driving along the side of mountains where it is goes straight up on one side and sheer drop on the other and with corners like you wouldn’t believe with one way bridges (and that was the highway! Don’t get me started on the gravel road we took), accidental bushwalks where we were supposed to be going up to a lookout but ended up wondering along a access road for an hour (oops), riding a train up a the steepest handmaderailway in New Zealand (that actually was quite nice) and paying a whole $86.80 in parking (in just one day!) we have visited a couple of quilting shops (of course).

Got some gorgeous NZ batik fat quarters. The colours were amazing and I wanted to grab more, but I thought that I should only get what I could instantly see what I could make out of it. This will became a stained glass window lap quilt, I’ve already drawn up the pattern. I want to go home already just so I can start cutting it out šŸ˜‰

New Zealand knows how to do it right. They have cafes right in the quilting shop! Can you get any better?! Coffee and fabric and yarn, all under the same roof. We’ve been remarkably restrained so far with our fabric purchases because there is a store in a town called Levin that we’re holding out for. The last time we went through Levin, calmly driving along, we saw the quiling shop and may have done a slightly illegal move, but not admitting to anything, to park and dash across the road to see what the Krazy Cow had in store for us. Amazing things! So keen to go back, and shall keep you posted on all the delightful goodies we find šŸ˜Š


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