The One Where Coffee Made Everything Better. Nearly. 

I have every, very sad news. It may cause your day to go from sublimely joyful to melancholy but I’m sorry, I feel like I must share that The Krazy Cow in Levin has closed down. Let’s observe a minute of silence.

Just so everyone can understand how heart wrenching this fact is, I saved to go to this quilting store. We planned our whole trip around the North Island just so we would be able to go through Levin so that this transformed railway building can once again show us it’s wonders of fabric. AND IT IS GONE. We drove around Levin trying to jog two-year-old memories of where its supposed to be. I Googled it, and had to go to the second page of searching to find out that it had closed down last year. THE SECOND PAGE! That kind of news needs to be front and centre! IN CAPS!!!
Needless to say, I needed to stop at the next coffee place for caffeine and cake to remind my soul that there are still pleasures in this darkened world. And a stop at Spotlight in Wellington so I could stroke the wool.

Speaking of Wellington, here’s a little something you should know. It is an absolutely beautiful city built on the mountain sides surrounding the port. It’s an old town, full of lovely old buildings, old roads. When they built it, they didn’t expect to get the growth that they did, for so many people to be using those old roads. THE TRAFFIC WAS A NIGHTMARE!! I am not joking, or even exaggerating. The roads were small, narrow and winding, with often only way in or out of a particular area. A trip that was supposed to take us 15 minutes took closer to 45. A lovely place to walk around, with it’s quirky corners and secret paths, but driving? Bring snacks and a good book, it’s going to take a while.
While we were in Auckland we had met a lady that told us about this yarn shop in Wellington that we should go vist, so we did. It was the shop of my yarny dreams! Full of hand dyed, hand spun delights of all kinds of wool, including possum, I caved and bought some edible-looking yarn. Spent nearly two days worth of food money on two balls, my goodness they were expensive! They shall make a lovely scarf, which I will never wear because the yarn was so expensive, what if I drop food on it? I shall frame it and point to it and say ‘Behold! The yarn from Wellington!’

The lovely lady at the yarn place invited us back later that night for the knitting group that meet there on thurday nights. Teayl and I battled traffic and hunger pains and got there in time to join them for 30 minutes before they all packed up. And then we battled the traffic back to our place, took the wrong side road because the roads are crazy and ended up on the motorway going out of town. Now there is only one way in or out, apart from the ferry, and once we were on the motorway, there were not exits for us to turn around on until we were way out of town. It took us a while to get back. Great town, I thought it was beautiful, but next time we’re getting a place in the city, parking up the car and walking everywhere!
The ferry over to Picton on the South Island was good. I have to confess, I just curled up into a ball on a comfy chair and crocheted with my pretty yarn the whole 3.5 hours. What view I could see out the window from across the cabin looked nice 😉

We took a couple of days to make our way to Punakaiki, a lovely little spot sandwiched between mountains and beach. The cabin we stayed in was in the middle of what looked like a rain forest, it had starting raining that day so it sounded like one too 😉 Punakaiki is well known for it’s Pancake Rocks and Blowholes, rock formations along the coast, and the one and only café is well known for it’s, you guessed it, it’s pancakes. And let me tell you, they were well worth having to sell the car in order to afford them. 

To work off the pancakes we walked around the rocks, and took waaaaay too many photos, which I absolutely dread having to sort through later.
The town has no grocery shop to get some much needed supplies, but there was a farmers market on so we wandered over that way. A quilting lady had a stall there and she passed on some brilliant ideas and trade secrets which I shall most definitely use. Didn’t find any milk, but it was worth the trip for that!

On the way out from Punakikai headed to Greymouth we passed a sign saying quilting store. I immediately turned in, making a car beep at me. I don’t why, he was ages away and we were already parked by the time he got to us. But it made the ladies inside laugh at the thought that we nearly caused a traffic accident just to visit a quilting store. In my defense, it was a quilting store. Need I say more? 
Now we’re at Fox Glacier. We haven’t seen it yet, we only got in late yesterday arvo, but that’s the plan for today to walk up to it. And tomorrow we want to drive and have a look at Franz Josef, another glacier around 20km away. My legs are already complaining in anticipation of all the walking…


3 thoughts on “The One Where Coffee Made Everything Better. Nearly. 

  1. Oh I feel so bad for you guys about that shop! 😰 Sounds like you are having a great rest of the trip though! Keep it up and remember you can rest when you get home (maybe!) 😊


  2. “which I absolutely dread having to sort through later”

    Considering I haven’t even seen any photos from your trip two years ago…!


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