The One With A Resolution

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yahoo! It’s 2018! I’m a few days late, I know. My New Year resolution is to keep my sewing table clean. You may make bets on how long it will last, I am determined to surpass everyone’s expectations!

I’m very sorry, but one of the posts that I wrote a couple of weeks ago in our last week in New Zealand for some reason didn’t get posted. So you missed gushing on how remarkable the Remarkable’s were, lavish commentary on the cuteness of Queenstown, murmurings on the delectableness of Patagonia’s ice-creams and grumblings about the severe lack of any sort of craft store in the Otago area. I got seriously twitchy about the lack, and proceeded to visit nearly every quilt shop on our way up the east coast towards Christchurch. My suitcase was bulging on the way home, and I also had things in my friends suitcase. I don’t pack lightly 😉

Coming over the mountain top going to Queenstown, overlooking the Remarkables

One thing we learnt about places that we wanted to visit, particularly shops, is to ring them. Make sure of their opening times and location, because GOOGLE LIES. It lies so bad. So many places we found on the internet and wanted to see where actually closed. And had been for two years. Shame on you Google.

There were two things that I missed supremely while away. One of them was hugs, the other was my sewing machine, Tootsie. The hugs I can still catching up on (three and a half weeks without hugs took a severe toll) and Tootsie, well, in less that a week back and we’d finished two quilt tops. I think she missed me too.

I learnt something very interesting about sewing with triangles whilst making one of the quilts, which I shall tell you about next week. This one simple thing made my life so much easier, and I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it before!

Well, you probably knew but I sure didn’t. Live and learn folks, live and learn.


P.S. The Remarkables are a mountain range surrounding Queenstown. I think that it’s such a cute name for a string of mountains 🙂


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