The One With Unusual Activity

Something unusual happened this weekend. Something extremely rare, something that has only happened to me once or twice before and I feel like I need to tell you about it.

I sewed a quilt without a single mistake.

I’ll give you a second to let that settle in.

Now, I think I need to clarify. I wrote up the pattern for this quilt and was testing it to make sure my measurements were correct. They were! I did cut a strip the wrong size, but I was able to fix it with leftover material from the jelly roll so I don’t think that it counts.

Normally when I make a quilt there’s not quite enough material to finish the last row so I’m scrambling through my fabric stash to try and find something that would match, or I cut too many triangles facing one way and not enough facing the other… The list of my mistakes is very long and I’m not sure if my self esteem can handle a full accounting.

I’m sincerely in love with the colors and the pattern of the fabric. I’m thinking of calling it Moon Shadows. Silence me quick if it’s too cheesy!

Anyway, the point is that this quilt worked! I designed it and it actually worked!! I shall be writing the pattern, you can bet your favourite sewing scissors that I am, so watch this spot, good things are coming!


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