The One With Tips And Tricks Part 1 – Half Triangles

Does anyone remember the Boundless fabric I bought ages and ages ago? Like, a year ago? Well, I finally made things with them! The quilt from last week was the 6″ jelly roll, and the rainbow charm squares are a triangle quilt that I have mixed feelings about so its been relegated to the ‘I shall deal with it later’ basket. But I knew just what I wanted to do with the green and blue charm squares. And I cut 84 squares in half to have 168 triangles.

It took a lot of time, just to let you know.

And then I started reading up of quilting tips and my whole world changed, I have wasted sooo much time, why didn’t I know this sooner?! I didn’t need to cut them in half, I could have just sewn and then cut!

Prepare to have your life changed –

Grab two squares. On the wrong side of the lighter colour draw a line diagonally from one corner to the other. Place on top of the other square, and sew down either side of the line, making sure that you stay a 1/4 inch away from the line.

Half Triangle squares

Cut down the line. Press open and voila! You have two perfect half triangle squares! So, so quick and easy.

Half Triangle squares

To test my newfound knowledge I made a couple of cushion covers with Moda Creekside charm squares. They turned out quite well I think 🙂

Cushion Cover



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