The One With Possible Imploding

 Do you ever get that itch where you absolutely have to create that one thing or your brain just might implode? Like for real? Well, I got that feeling other week. If I didn’t make something with pink and blue fabric I wasn’t sure what would’ve happened. And it had to have a 3D effect.
Yes, I know. Whaa?
Seriously, the whole day while I was at work I was twitching. Fidgeting. Cracking my knuckles. Waiting, longing to get home so that I could start… I hadn’t the foggiest idea. Just pink and blue and 3D.
It took a bit, but eventually I nutted out what the crazy right side of my brain was yammering on about. This quilt is actually something that I’ve wanted to try to make for a while but I was never quite sure how people sewed around the corners like that…
3d Triangles
Then I realised that it was triangles.
Specially placed triangles sew in strips, then the strips sewn together that made the pattern which made the 3D effect. I’m so glad that I found out the wonders of carefully placed triangles, or I might’ve still been cutting odd shapes and attempting to sew around corners!
So my itch has been scratched, the possible implosion averted and my sewing sanity has been saved. And, wonder of wonders, I have already started working on writing up the pattern, so possibly one day in the near future I just might finish it 😉

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