Question Time!

Good morning folks! It’s a bright and beautiful day over here in sunny WA. Perfect weather for long bush walks, gathering wildflowers and deciding to totally re-brand the blog and Etsy store.

Yep, my P-I-C and I have decided to give Knot What It Seams a do-over. Not because we don’t love the name (I do!) it’s just that I’m kinda tired of explaining the two puns over and over and over again.

So we’re going for something a little less punny and the runner in first place so far is…

Color Me Cosy.

Whatcha think? Does it make you think of warm snuggly blankets? Curling up under a colourful quilt? Let me know if it’s a yay or a nay!


2 thoughts on “Question Time!

  1. Well hi! So I LOVE your pun name! It’s just so….Terise and Teal! But the new one does sound like warm blankets and a log fire…


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