The One With Grovelling

Hi people!

I am so very, very sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I shall blame a mixture of being sick and pure laziness. I was only sick for like a week (and what a miserable week it was), but then I just didn’t feel like writing and after all, I was recovering. You just can’t expect coherency and concise thought when someone is recovering. Apparently it takes me three weeks to ‘recover’ from a cold.

Don’t follow my example kids, it leads to a severe lack of productivity.

While I have not been doing any posts, or updating the Etsy store, or any number of the things on my rather long To Do list, I have been sewing like a squirrel hopped up on caffeine.*

Meaning I’ve been doing a lot of it very quickly 🙂

I’ve made a collection! (chills just went down my spine, loving it. It sounds so uppity, doesn’t it?) Complete with a lap quilt, matching cushion covers, a table runner and a pot holder. And I still have more of the fabric so you can bet your bottom dollar that more matchy matchy** items shall be joining the collection (chills! again!) very soon.

But right now I’ve been bitten by the embroidery bug and have spent my lazy Sunday making up a few to work on during the week. They’re all about coffee.

Coffee Embroidery

I think my subconscious is trying to tell me that I should go get a coffee.



*an Over The Hedge reference. Comment if you got it!

** and a Peter Rabbit reference. I’m on a roll today 🙂


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