The One With An Awesome Blessing

I had the most amazingPink Tumbler Quilt thing happen to me last week!

Does anyone remember me making this beauty? It was a while ago, my goodness.

Well, last week I had this thing that I wanted to pay for. It wasn’t totally urgent, it was just something that I wanted to get done and right then, I didn’t have the money for it. Like, nada.

I tried doing the budget juggle (and that’s always fun. ‘If I just don’t eat for the next two days, “forget” that bill for a week or so, it’ll be right!) The things that I can convince myself of is truly amazing.

I had been kinda praying about it, actually I’d been half afraid that I’ll hear that now wasn’t the right time for doing it, so I hadn’t been praying too much. Just enough to let God know what I wanted but not long enough to hear a response. Not the way to do it folks! Really, not at all.

So I was sitting at parkour stressing. Decided to not stress anymore, it obviously wasn’t going to happen right now. Disappointing, but okay.

My  phone made a cha ching noise. Scared me, I fully jumped. When I checked it, I saw that I had sold a quilt on Etsy! (keep in mind that I haven’t sold a quilt for around two years) And the amount? Just enough to cover what I wanted 🙂

There is no way to describe how cool that is! I forget too often how much God loves us and that He cares and provides, even for those little things that aren’t truly important.

Now that I was able to get the thing that I wanted, in the next couple of weeks I shall have an announcement! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Because really, you know how I am. Let’s say, in around month, something new shall be happening! Keep your eyes peeled, but please, don’t hold your breath. That won’t end well for anyone.

Hope you all have a fantastic blessing filled week xox

Mrs Billsy, AKA Munchkin 1, has a marvellous back of her head 😉 



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