The One With Stubborn Juices

Sometimes the fabric just tells you what it wants to be.

Sometimes it absolutely refuses to inform you and you spend many a frustrating hours trying to get something to click.

My advice when that happens? Just give up. Put it back on the shelf, let it stew in its own stubborn juices for a while. Eventually, one day, you will glance over and spy the fabric sitting there looking pretty and it will

Jelly Roll
My oh-so-careful planning! Here’s to hoping that it works…

just occur to you what type of quilt it should be.

That’s what happened with this jelly roll.

I had gotten it on sale because I liked the colours, and hey, it was on sale! It isn’t my usual style of fabric and none of the patterns I considered using seemed to really gel with it.

So I procrastinated about it for a while.

Like, nearly a year.

Then I knew! It needs to be a log cabin quilt! It really does, that is it’s sole purpose in life!

What a good person I am, helping this poor fabric to find its way and fulfil it’s destiny 😉

So that’s what it shall be, and over the next few weeks you shall watch its destiny unfold.

Have you had a similar experience? Material that you just couldn’t figure out what to do with it? Leave a comment and let me know!


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