The One With (Surprising) Success

It turned out awesome!

The pattern workLog cabined just like it did in my mind and the best thing of all? My math worked! Which if anyone remembers the hexagon quilt that was supposed to be a square quilt but I got my triangles wrong they would know that math isn’t really my strong suit.

Throw in the fact that I did all the figuring out in the space of a few minutes while at work, forgot to double check them when I got home and just started cutting things out? It’s nothing short of astounding!

Originally I wanted to make each fabric strip into a log cabin block, but the block pattern got lost in the colour and pattern of the fabric. So I added a strip of brown to separate it a bit.

They now look like snails. But really cute snails!Log Cabin

I really loved the colour gradient that the jellyroll already had, moving from green to brown to peach and I wanted to keep that so the layout for the quilt is laid out in a log cabin as well. The colour flow really makes it work and I love it!

I love it, I love it, I love it!

After I laid it out I couldn’t stop gushing over it. It just works. My math worked, the colours worked, my iron tripped the power once but after that it worked too, everything worked.

I just really love this quilt 😀


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