Well, I’m gonna try to condense my whole life story to two paragraphs. I would say one, but hey, my life is super interesting (to me anyway).

I am 23, second oldest in a Christian family of 10. All of us kids were, or are, home-schooled. At times our house seems like organised chaos with 10 voices and 10 peoples things and Mums’ kitchen bench being the favourite dumping ground, to her exasperation. We do try to be on our best behaviour with visitors though.

I enjoy photography, gardening when I can convince the bandicoot not to eat my vegetables, and not so much cleaning. Quilting, of course. And crochet. Knitting makes me cry while cross stitch was my first love.

When doing a photography course, one of the assignments was to take a self portrait that shows your personality. I took a bunch, having great fun, and the one that everyone said “That’s you! That’s so you!’ was this one.


I never know quite what to say to that.