The One Where It Was On Time

Last week I did something that really shocked me completely. It was totally out of character, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. I made a birthday present and it was on time. Did anyone else just feel the earth shake beneath their feet? Because that is serious business happening right there. … Continue reading The One Where It Was On Time


The One With A Package Of Untold Delight

There was this pretty fabric, just sitting at Craftsy. Sitting there, just waiting for me to buy it. Taunting me, almost, softly saying 'what are you waiting for? You know you want me...' But I was strong, people, I was strong! I resisted the siren call of the pretty fabric. For about three months. After endlessly watching … Continue reading The One With A Package Of Untold Delight

The One With Babies and Bears

I have long been of the opinion that chocolate is the complete cure-all. There is now further proof that it really can cure anything, including pregnancy! While out with friends the other night enjoying hot chocolates, my very pregnant friend - who was overdue by about 5 days - went into labour! It was quite exciting, and eight hours later … Continue reading The One With Babies and Bears

The One With Satisfaction

I have had a very satisfactory 24 hours. Yesterday, while on a picnic in Kings Park (if you are ever in W.A, visit Kings Park. It is very picturesque) I got a notification on my phone. I nearly ignored it because, you know, out with friends...but my curiosity and need to be connected to the outside world … Continue reading The One With Satisfaction

The One With Tardy Success

It is done! Munchkin 6's birthday quilt is completed! Now put those judging eyebrows away, I'm only 5 months late. Or 20 weeks. Or 150 days. Or really, when you look at it, one 16.8th of her entire life was spent waiting for her quilt....     Oh alright. I admit it. I deserve those eyebrows, I'm a horrible … Continue reading The One With Tardy Success