The One Where I Attempt To Unravel The Mysteries Of Wool (Or Yarn)

I like wool. A lot. But many, many a time I have been left staring at the computer screen only knowing that I wanted really thin wool, but maybe I really need yarn? And do I want fingering or sock? And what's Aran? And why have they named wool after the monkey in Nintendo?? Stop. … Continue reading The One Where I Attempt To Unravel The Mysteries Of Wool (Or Yarn)


The Yarn of Time

By Teayl, or Not so Silent Partner in crime craft, or Teri’s backup when her brain moobs, or Teri’s absolutely incredible friend who is saving everyone from reading a really boring blog post. (Teri’s words, not mine.) What was your very first attempt at knitting? Do you even remember? better yet do you still have … Continue reading The Yarn of Time

The One With Six-Sided Squares

Sooo.... Apparently to make squares out of triangles, you need right-angled triangles. Yep. I did not know that. As per usual, I have this fabric that has been sitting and just waiting for inspiration, which normally comes at around 1am. After which I jiggle around in bed, trying to convince myself that I can wait until … Continue reading The One With Six-Sided Squares