The One With An Awesome Blessing

I had the most amazing thing happen to me last week! Does anyone remember me making this beauty? It was a while ago, my goodness. Well, last week I had this thing that I wanted to pay for. It wasn't totally urgent, it was just something that I wanted to get done and right then, … Continue reading The One With An Awesome Blessing


The One With A Car Named Volny

It's over!!! The Every Woman Expo is finished, and my poor feet are so thankful! It was a pretty full on three and a half days with lots of standing and talking to people, which I have to admit that I'm not that good at. But all in all we did pretty well, we even have some custom … Continue reading The One With A Car Named Volny

The One With The Ending

Last time, in the Adventures of Houdini Chicken, Houdini Chicken’s stomach grumbled. He leaned forward, beak opening as wide as it could go, when….   The worm disappeared! Houdini Chicken pulled his beak out of the now ruined tomato and looked around to see where the worm had gone. There he was! Over on some lettuce leaves! … Continue reading The One With The Ending

The Yarn of Time

By Teayl, or Not so Silent Partner in crime craft, or Teri’s backup when her brain moobs, or Teri’s absolutely incredible friend who is saving everyone from reading a really boring blog post. (Teri’s words, not mine.) What was your very first attempt at knitting? Do you even remember? better yet do you still have … Continue reading The Yarn of Time